Better together

Photography brought me to many beautiful places all around the world. Some are very far away but sometimes you just have to keep your eyes open and you`ll discover them right next to your door.

This one, called „Schelinger Alm“, is such a place. I was very excited to show it to Aileen, the girl I am dating for two weeks now. We haven`t been seeing each other for a long time, but sometimes you meet people and they turn your life upside down. (in a positive way for sure :D) It feels like they`ve been there for a longer time and like it`s meant to be that they are by your side.

I love to discover new places and experience new things, I feel peaceful and happy when I do and it always makes me realize how much I love life and what a great gift it is. Now to be able to share this lifestyle with someone who is as enthusiastic as I am about hiking and traveling and experiencing new places makes me feel very grateful.

I am really looking forward to all our small and big future adventures!

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5. Juli 2016 22:21

Bild Nr.10 ist brutal


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